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Our Interviews

This series of Instagram Lives highlights scientists, engineers and women in academia. We share interviews and discussions on topics of diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in the STEM fields. 

11. Women in NASA

Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre tells us about her beginnings in science, her studies in chemistry, education, nanomaterials, and how she went from being a science teacher to being a project manager at NASA. She was part of a six-person crew (and the only Hispanic) selected to participate in a four-month-long, Mars analog mission funded by NASA. Sierra-Sastre aspires to become the first Puerto Rican woman to travel to outer space.

Publised on 2/27/2021

10. Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020

Our Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 Estefanía Soto, earned a master's degree in Intercultural Mediations where she had the opportunity to work in different parts of the world and got to know new cultures. This interview focus on her academic path and the adverities of being an independent woman willing to relocate from one country to another every 6 months.

Publised on 12/30/2020

09. Pharmacology & Grad School

Doctoral student in pharmacology Jaylene Álvarez, talks about her career path in health sciences, research studies and also shares how she got prepared for grad school. Besides this, Jaylene speaks about her pasion for performing arts as she is a dancer, tv host, model and 1st runner-up of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 (representing her hometown San  Lorenzo) and how she combines science and art. 

Publised on 1/27/2021

08. Women in Government 

Civil engineer and Secretary of the Department of Transportation of Puerto Rico (DTOP) Eileen Vega is the first woman to lead the transportation, highways, ports, airports, etc. of our country. Eileen also advocates for women in STEM. In this interview, she shares her story and career path of becoming one of the most successful civil engineers in Puerto Rico.

Publised on 2/16/2021

07. Forensic Anthropology

The current Director of Forensic Anthropology at ICF-PR, Meisshialette Ortiz talks about her passions: sports, modeling, acting, communications and science. As child prodigy, she started college at te early age of 15. Now, with a master's degree Boston University and the only in anthropologist in Puerto Rico, she shares the perks and struggles of her career and how she overcame it.

Publised on 1/13/2021

06. Immunology and COVID-19

Doctor Nicole Palacios earned her PhD in immuniology at Northwestern University at Chicago, IL. and is one of the developers of the COVID-19 vaccine. She patented a novel strategy to substantially improve vaccine efficacy. Nicole shares her experience on this field and also answers some of our questions regarding reliabilty of vaccines, specially the Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 shot.

Publised on 1/20/2021

05. Women in Agronomy 

"Women in AG Sciences" is a non-profit organization that supports women in agricultural sciences. Women in this field are still underrepresented. Their platform intends to educate the general public about the importance of agricultural sciences and women representation in this field by sharing women’s stories/experiences in the ag sciences.

Publised on 3/11/2021

04. Mechanical Engineering

Eng. Francine Vega is a mechanical engineer who also advotes for women as well as LGBTQ+ rights. Francine speaks about the similarities and fights that these communities have in common in STEM and how different is being woman and part of the LGBTQ+ community in the engineering workforce.

Publised on 12/9/2020

03. Mental Health

Do you know what Impostor Syndrome is? This syndrome can affect anyone and probably everyone experienced it at least one time in their lives. Women in STEM is a vulnerable community as the  circumtantes surrounding this archetype could trigger it.  Psychologist Gloridel Feliciano explains us how to identify the signs of this syndrome in the work environment or even in your personal life and how to mitigate it. 

Publised on 12/16/2020

02. Chemical Engineering

Eng. Catherine Castro is a chemical engineer in the aerospace industry. Earned a masters degree in systems engineering. Catherine, will tell us about her journey/contributions at NASA and also, how her childhood experiences shaped her future. Coming from the public education system with a poor science curriculum, she never stopped exploring her interests in STEM. 

Publised on 12/2/2020

01. Biomedical Engineering

Eng. Kelianet Roque is a biomedical engineer expert in robotics. She is currently CEO of Caribbean Robotics Academy, entity created to educate about robotics and empower women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Eng. Roque discusses the importance of women representation in the engineering workforce and also shares her own path in this career. 

Publised on 11/19/2020

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